"You didn't lose your light; you may have just forgotten it was there"

Kim Cluff 

Services Available

Rapid eye Technology

Rapid eye technology (RET) is a stress and trauma relief therapy. RET is a simulation of the rapid eye movement (REM) sleep cycle. You likely struggle with stresses and past events that may have caused trauma that's still affecting you in ways that are hard, dysfunctional, limiting you, etc...If you would like more information about how RET can help you, click  the 'Learn More' button below. 1:1 sessions $150


Energy work (reiki)

Reiki is the activation of your universal life force energy that promotes your body's ability to absorb and receive energy for the body to heal.  Have you ever felt depleted or low in energy and cannot understand why? I have never met anyone who hasn't experience this in some way. To learn more about how Reiki works and how it can help you, click 'Learn More' below. 1:1 Sessions $150

Life Coaching

Your life coaching sessions are designed to help you feel empowered in finding your own answers and direction within your life, home, family, work and other important situations and relationships. Would having a coach to cheer you on and help direct you in new ways be of benefit to you in your life? If so, click 'learn more' below to find out more! 1:1 Sessions $150

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Neuro-linguistic programming can help you find a better way to achieve your goals by;  discovering and regramming behavioral patterns, limiting belief systems, poor habits, and more! This is a powerful modality that you can see and feel results immediately. 1:1 Sessions $150

Rapid Eye Technology

REM sleep is how your brain processes your day. REM sleep occurs several times per night during a regular sleeping pattern. When your body is in REM sleep, your eyelids blink while your eyes move back and forth, up and down, in different patterns. The mind files and stores your experiences on neural pathways in the brain according to your past experiences, perceptions and beliefs. EVERY moment of everyday, since the beginning of life, has been stored in your mind and body system; ALL stress, trauma, relationships, experiences, etc...The emotions and beliefs around all of your life's experiences will continue to play out and repeat until the patterns are released and reframed.

RET is the simulation of REM sleep in an awake state. As a certified rapid eye technician, I use eye movement techniques while you blink and track with your eyes to release and clear the emotions stored in the mind/body system. RET focuses on your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical issues that can be holding you back from a fulfilling life. Stressful life events, anxiety, abuse, addiction, depression, trauma etc...are all areas that can be helped with RET. RET is also a process of energy work, that can increase your body's energy frequency to a higher state that promotes healing on every level. Blocks in the energy system can be a big part of your body's inability to heal from past trauma.

Reiki/Energy Work

Lifeforce is what keeps your body alive. It flows through your physical body along pathways called meridians (subtle energy pathways), chakras (energy wheels) and the auric field (subtle energy that extends around the body). This lifeforce feeds your organs and cells in their vital functions.

If lifeforce energy is low or there are any restrictions, illness can occur. Lifeforce is also responsive to your thoughts and feelings. If negative thoughts or feelings occur, they can attach themselves to your auric field, causing a disruption to the energy flow.

Reiki clears, strengthens and heals the energy pathways and allows your energy to flow in a healthy and natural way.

Energy work is a big part of what is done in a session.  

Reiki uses natural energy to access and direct your lifeforce energy to stimulate the healing that exists within you and every human being.

Reiki energy will begin flowing automatically and has its own intelligence. It knows where to go and what to do.

Reiki communicates with your higher self and results are achieved simply by allowing the Reiki to work. 

Healing is the result of the interaction between universal energy and the bioenergetic system of you.

Life Coaching

Lightswitch life coaching helps you reach your goals and get the results you are looking for! Your coaching sessions will be unique to you, while maintaining the methods that have worked again and again that have proven to be successful. 

Some of the principles that will be utilized will be: 

*Communication skills

*Boundary setting

*Surrender and letting go

*Ending drama dynamics and adopting self empowerment

*Spiritual practices (within your personal belief system)

Coaching is just as it seems; like with any sport or activity where results can be better for you with a good coach, you can strengthen your game.

Coaching sessions will be done one on one with me  as a part of your package or as a stand alone session.

The best results with coaching come when paired with Rapid Eye and/or NLP services as well, so the mind/body/soul system is working as a whole!

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro-linguistic programming has been around since the 70's and was designed to help people learn the behaviors and different thought patterns to achieve success.

* Neuro: Neurological processes

* Linguistic: Language

* Programming: Behavioral patterns learned through experience 

Through certain processes we can discover and repattern limiting beliefs, undesirable behaviors, thoughts and feelings that contribute to anxiety and depression, and more. 

Habits or behaviors that have been problematic for years, can shift quite quickly with NLP. Belief systems that limit progress can open up to infinite possibilities. Conflicting feelings can blend together into something balanced and whole. Even more serious patterns that stem from trauma can heal, using a process called timeline, to desensitize emotional charge to the trauma.