What is Lightswitch?

Lightswitch was developed to help people uncover and/or rediscover their light within. All of us, through no fault of our own, develop patterns and belief systems that do not serve us in the highest and best way possible.

Examples of this include: Depression, Anxiety, Self Esteem, Anger, Chronic Pain, Dysfunctional family patterns, limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, etc...

Why Lightswitch?

Even when we feel the darkest, we are beings of light, and that light may need some help shining.  Whether it be for the first time (that you believe, because our light always shines) or to rediscover the light that once was, Lightswitch can help you turn on that light again.

Our mission is to help any and all individuals, ready and willing to HEAL, to go through this process with love and support, every step of the way!

Meet Kim Cluff

MRET, NLP, Energy Work (Reiki), 

Life Coach

Kim Cluff began studying and practicing energy healing in 2007 after many years of struggling with depression, anxiety and chronic pain. Where traditional methods had fallen short, Kim began her search for alternative healing methods.  Kim found and focused on Rapid Eye Technology (RET); a stress and trauma relief therapy, for doing her own personal work.  She experienced immediate success, and decided that RET was something she wanted to pursue, so she could help others overcome the challenges of life like she has.

Lightswitch, LLC was created in early 2016, when Kim’s vision of helping others became a reality.  Since then, she has done hundreds of sessions with people struggling with many of the same issues she has. Kim has added Energy work (Reiki), Neuro-linguistic programming, and more extensive coaching to her practice.

Kim teaches classes and workshops, and lectures on self empowerment, to help individuals realign with their life’s purpose, renew their perspective and practice skills to create the life they were born to live!

Kim received her bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2016.  Her education has increased her ability to understand how the mind and body system work and has greatly enhanced her understanding of behavior as well. Kim’s practice incorporates everything she has learned into one great whole.  She loves going with people on their journey of healing and helping them learn to recognize and remember who they truly are.