How I healed from skin cancer naturally

12 weeks ago I began another new journey along my path of natural health and healing, to attempt to heal from a skin cancer diagnosis naturally.

My massage therapist noticed a lesion/mole on my back that had changed in a short amount of time.

She recognized it had the three characteristics of an abnormal spot.

Having skin cancer prevalent in my family, particularly my dad (Melanoma), I decided to get the spot checked by my regular dermatologist.

Because of Covid, the doctor couldn’t see me for close to a month with limited hours and staffing.

I did not give the lesion a lot of my attention and had a good attitude about it. I know the power of thoughts and intentions and I had no desire to give this information any more energy than necessary.

Especially after the biopsy report…

It was cancer. NOT melanoma, but serious enough that the doctor recommended surgery to remove surrounding tissue right away.

I was with my niece in Las Vegas when the call came in, and my stomach dropped. No one ever wants that call…

I had a moment of panic. She listened to me vent and cry and I very much appreciated her support in that moment. The moment, however continued into a couple of tough days of some heavy mind games.

I slipped into fear and upset. My mind became catastrophic. Although my dad’s cancer has been treated over the years with surgery alone, my human brain couldn’t help go to the worse case scenario.

In my alone time my thoughts drifted to the death of a dear friend who past away from skin cancer a few years ago, leaving her young family and husband behind.

I knew her whole family and had spent time with all of them at one time or another, helping, sharing, and just friendshipping.  It was a devastating loss!

I then jumped to the depths of despair around putting my young adult kids through a horrifying battle that no child should ever have to do. “They don’t have the time or the resources for this! How are they going to help me, even if it is just surgery? Im going to have to move home!” and the list goes on…

I thought about living alone and the challenges that had all on it’s own; no internal support system, no one to hold me or bring me soup and certainly no one to do all the day to day things that need doing.

My heart and mind went to all the what if’s.

After a couple of days of feeling the feels; all the heavy emotions that come with any type of news that can take us out,  I allowed my spirit to regain some hold on the wheel again. I began to step back into a proactive space to start my transition, as I have many times before in my life.

One step at a time I refastened my toolbag of self-care and healing techniques, reached out to first and foremost God, as well as the plethora of friends and healers I have in my corner, and started my transition back to wellness.

I had already been on a regimen of high quality supplements and hemp oil daily.

I spoke to a new friend and doctor who is a D.O. She is one to be totally on board with integrative healing and holistic approaches, and she agreed to have me keep doing what I was doing and more, before a more drastic approach was entertained.

My D.O. put me on a detox program. She educated me on food being my medicine and I changed everything about what went into my body.

My body began to purge everything in my system and I started to feel lighter and more energetic.

I ran frequencies everyday with my AO frequency scanner to keep my body’s vibe as high as possible.

I did rapid eye technology, reiki, and energy work with my trusted practitioners and I talked to my body with love and appreciation.

I soaked in epsom salt and essential oils every night and applied hemp cream and frankincense to my back everyday.

My meditations became focused on my healthy whole body, and before I knew it my next appointment was confirming.

Again, as the human mind tends to operate, the negativity and fear started to creep in yet again. I call it future tripping.

A good friend talked my off the ledge and reminded me of the good work I had been doing and the overall progress I had acquired no matter what came to be at the next appointment.  After all, holding a sacred space container for my desired outcome matters!!

My follow up appointment was with a new dermatologist; one in the new town that I now live.  He reviewed the biopsy report and took a look under a microscope. (something my previous doctor had not done in the exam room)

My new doctor didn’t feel like there was ANY need for further action!  The site that was diagnosed as cancer, is no longer a concern AT ALL!

A wave of peace swept over my entire body and soul. Overcome with gratitude I went out to my car and cried and thanked God for the incredible miracle! One of many I have experienced in my life.

How quickly we forget all the tender mercies we are given and daily miracles that cross our paths we may be missing along the way, because we are wrapped up in the possibilities wrapped up in fear and shear illusion!

I know the body and mind are very powerful and I got to test the theory, yet again! I have close friends and family who have taken the same approach as I have, who have also gotten miraculous results of healing as well.

My life has been a series of patterns of dysfunctional thoughts, feelings and behaviors and I know that this cancer showing up was one of those deep rooted experiences finally coming to the surface to shed.

Getting to work through those final layers with my most trusted practitioners was hard, beautiful and was the best recovery from cancer I could ask for!

Over the last 15 years, I have steadily shifted into new and higher ways of living and BEing. It’s a lot of work and I will say it’s what I was made for and yes, sometimes I do it kicking and screaming!

This past year I have jumped in with both feet and am ALL IN to healing my mind, body and soul!

I have leaned into the most fearful situations and stretched into uncomfortable spaces to prove to myself and the universe that NOTHING can stop me and NOTHING will get in my way of progress!

I committed before I got to this earth life to do things in amazing ways!

To show myself, God and those around me that suffering is a choice and healing and peace are possible.

I am still that bright light that I came here to be and I can do anything!

Likewise, you can as well!

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