Intention is everything

As I begin to think about how this blogging thing is going to go, a question popped into my head.

What is my intention for this experience? For me and for you.

Throughout my years of studying the science of psychology and then into the energy healing world and rapid eye technology, I have learned a little bit about the importance of intention.

Intention isn’t just a plan. Intention is holding a very conscious space for something wished for or desired.

What does that mean? For me, it means being completely centered, grounded and focused on what I would love to have. I hold this “intention” in a forcefield so to speak.

Its etheric and not necessarily tangible but it sure could be!

Intention starts as a thought. It moves into hope and desire. I create a space for it in my heart and mind. I pray about it and then trust the Universe to set it all into motion.

The Universal energy then goes out and finds things that “fit” my intention.

These things start to show up and I receive opportunity’s to “do” what is necessary to achieve the outcome I would love to have!

Intention is the beginning of manifesting my greatest dreams

Now, that may not be the websters dictionary definition of intention, but in my world it is and I will begin to explain why as time goes on. You may also share the same version or similar definition as I do.

SO! What is my intention?

I would love to create a space for you to come and gain some clarity, find your light, whether for the first time or if it’s a rediscovery, and step into your greatness and claim your birthright on this planet!

My intention is to recommit everyday to showing up for myself, as I ask you to show up for yourself.

There is never anything I ask of people that I am not willing to do myself.

Now that I have given you my version of intention and what I would love to create here with you, what is your intention?

It could be anything from getting through the next hour without freaking out, or accomplishing a major goal that you have been unable to see through!

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