Let’s begin…

As a very young child I knew that I had a powerful mission to fulfill. I KNEW with everything inside of me that I accepted a calling to come and light the way for others. That was; until the light went out…

What happens to us along the way that we lose our essence? That we forget how incredible we are? How do we even begin to think of ourselves as anything less than perfectly perfect beings?

I have my theories and I am sure you do as well.

I do not begin this healing practice or this blog to contest your beliefs, nor do I want to be “right.”

I merely wish that if you’re reading this, you may find a small glimmer of hope. Hope that life can feel better; be different. Different than what has caused you to feel anything about yourself than the beautiful being of light that you are, always have been and always will be.

You may think it’s too late. You may believe too much trauma or negative experiences have occurred in your life that healing is not possible. You may see yourself as a “bad” person.

Maybe you have done “bad” things. Perhaps your experiences are so dark and devastating that the shame you feel inside leaves no possibility of hope for anything but a life of punishment.

The truth is; even the darkest spaces cannot exist with even the smallest flicker of light!

The only thing you have to do is remember.

That is why I am here! To help you remember! I did and I want you too as well.

So if you have even the smallest glimmer of hope, join me!

Let’s conclude the last page in the previous story of our lives and start a new one! I’m ready. Let’s go!!

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