My light burns brighter after having worked with Kim and Rapid Eye. Thank you Kim! I highly recommend Kim's services, she is compassionate and trustworthy. Participating in a therapy that was a little different (actually any therapy) was a bit scary for me yet after seeing Kim in action and a few sessions I was hooked. The difference in me and in my life is remarkable. I am more myself; less fractured and more whole. Grateful every day for the work you do Kim Cluff and especially for the work I have done with you.  C.V. Las Vegas,Nevada

Kim Cluff is the therapist I've been seeking for decades. She is knowledgeable, honest and kind and her training lead me to finding the answers within myself and healing from past trauma and self doubt. If you need someone to light the pathway to strength, serenity and confidence Kim is the professional guide to assist you in achieving that goal! VC, St George, UT

My sugar addiction is gone! I am amazed at this process. It has been amazing! We worked through 12 sessions in a little over 2 months. I am definitely going to do the rest of the program with Kim. 

E.B., St. George

I am so honored and so grateful to have you in my corner Kim! Thank you so much!!! C.W. California 

Kim has transformed my life. She is a true healer and had helped me through every step of my journey. Kim has gone above and beyond any practitioner I have ever gone to and brings passion and skill to her work. She is sincere, genuine and I am so grateful for the steadying and healing forces she brings into my life. I can't recommend her enough.

H.G, Eugene OR

I really enjoyed my rapid eye session with Kim. It really helped me lessen my anxiety overall, and especially prior to a public speaking event that I was involved in. I also felt a lot of tension in my shoulders and back, which was also affected in a positive way. Both the anxiety and tension lifted and the speech went very well. Kim helped my anchor the "peace" into my body, so that when I felt nervous, I could hold the point and feel better and it worked!

T.W., Alva, OK

Kim is an amazing Rapid Eye technician. Doing RET will change your life for the better. Thank you Kim for showing up in such a beautiful way. Love you lots! D.S, MRET, Teacher/Trainer Logan, Utah

I have had the amazing privilege of working with Kim using Rapid Eye Therapy. We hit it hard and did regular sessions. During this time, my 7 year addiction/eating disorder seemed to be lifted from me, almost effortlessly!! I was in amazement because I had done talk therapy numerous times, seen a dietician, gone to 12 step, and read every self-help and eating disorder book ever published.  

I know this process works and I am passionate about it. Kim is knowledgeable, personable, gifted, and intuitive!  I would highly recommend this work as a tool to create major changes in your life, and to heal old wounds. 

Thank you Kim for blessing my life and helping me break free from a battle I never thought I could overcome. 

J.J., Idaho

Her Rapid eye session was so helpful B.M., Seattle, WA

Kim's the BEST at what she does !! You show no judgment just LOVE !! Thank you my friend for helping me in my Healing.D.S., Hurricane,UT

I am amazed that every time I have a session with Kim, I find new insight into my problems...thoughts that are new, releasing the bad energy. She helps me prioritize and get centered. 

SC - Las Vegas, Nevada