What does spirituality look like to you?

Let me start this out by saying, I do not mean religion, nor do I want to discredit religion if that is your spiritual go to. I do want to clarify that spirituality for me is a culmination of many different belief systems and one I have found to work really well for me.

It wasn’t always this way. Most of my life I was solely religious based and while I believed I was practicing spirituality within the church, I was far from it.

Don’t get me wrong, I prayed and received answers to prayers; I practiced the ceremonies and rituals with consistency and was immensely committed to my practice. There was some good that came out of that religion,

But something was missing.

Let’s fast forward to today to where I am currently. Although this journey hasn’t happened overnight, I believe this will help anyone along their own journey and help enhance your spiritual practice or give you the push to begin one.

First, why is spirituality important? This is probably THE most important energy source we can tap in to and this power is accessible and available to EVERYONE!

It is abundant. It is unconditional. It is love. It is gratitude. Spirituality is all encompassing and it offers miracles, guidance, protection, healing, and anything else you can think of that is of goodness.

Some of my clients come to me for help in their emotional, mental and even physical health and healing but have no spiritual program or practice in place.

Many of my clients have been “put off” from their religious practices since childhood. Even the term God can trigger negative emotions. Others have no concept of spirituality at all.

I like to start with something that everyone can relate to, to begin healing parts of their being, and/or integrate something new and hopeful for them.

What is something that you are drawn to? What fills your cup? What brings peace and joy to your soul?

The answer to these questions is the beginning of your spiritual quest!!

If you don’t know or can’t think of something, think about someone you love dearly. Someone or something that you cannot imagine your life without.

This is spiritual energy.

When you feel good, light, motivated, energetic, happy, etc…you are being spiritually uplifted. You have tapped in to a source that is massive and always available.

The obstacle that we face is when these good feelings diminish. We may revert back to negative thinking patterns and assume something is wrong with us and that we are not good enough to be happy.

This is the natural flow of energy. It ebbs and flows. Life is going to life. The key to remember is how to ride the wave and enjoy it rather than letting the tide take us under or resist it altogether and exhaust ourselves fighting.

Now, how do I do this? This is not a one size fits all and I do not believe there is anything out there that is “the” way. I will share with you some of the things that I do, and you can try them on! If you don’t like the fit, don’t wear it!

I give gratitude everyday first thing in the morning. Some days I offer gratitude multiple times a day and this is where the magic happens!

Gratitude fosters more to be grateful for. Even in the times of despair and pain, finding one thing to focus on in gratitude, will bring more of it.

This is a simple law that I have learned to harness and it has and continues to bring miracle after mircacle!

Another practice that I have grown to love (and I say that because it used to be torture) is meditation.

Now, meditation can be simply doing a few conscious breaths for a minute or two. It doesn’t have to be a long, drawn out thing. Just simply taking a moment to breathe deeply can bring in peace, and peace my friends is the Divine source!

I have challenged myself to be in complete silence for 1 hour per day, 5 days per week at least.

Meditation is a practice! Like anything new, it takes time to develop BUT the benefits far outweigh the discomfort!

One more thing for this particular post, nature.

Specifically, noticing what particular plants, animals, trees, water, grasses, clouds, sun, moon, stars, etc…are crossing your path when you go outside.

BEING conscious of the life going on out there!

Put your phone down, take out your earbuds and listen… notice the creative life force happening all around outside! It is awe inspiring and has so many messages and meanings that we can listen to and learn from!

Yesterday as I was finishing my gratitude list, I looked out the window to see two massive birds flying in the sky, directly in front of me.

I had a hunch as to what type of birds they were and looked them up. It was a blue heron!

Confirmed by my friend, with whom I was staying with, they were not common around their property, nor are they generally in the area.

The day prior I had meditated for one hour asking for more peace, more clarity and direction in my life as I have fully leaped into the great unknown this past year.

I quit my steady paying day job, sold my home and moved 300 miles north of the town I called home for 35 years. I also left an 8 year relationship that was very difficult to leave, however, necessary for my continued healing and growth.

Completely reliant on myself and building my business for my income and being in an unfamiliar place with people I don’t really know, I request A LOT of extra guidance; more specifically, continued faith that I am on the right path, doing the right things for me and my future.

As I looked out the window in that moment and saw these birds, I knew there was a massive message for me within them and their presence.

I looked up the spiritual meaning for the “heron,” as most animals, if not all (I am definitely not a professional animal totem guru!) have. When animals cross our path and seem to appear out of nowhere, especially where they do not naturally habitat, there is a message they have for us!

I have had this occur on countless occasions and there has not been one case where the message was not on point, it has been very humbling to say the least.

The blue heron meaning on a website called, whatismyspiritanimal.com, says a few things that were consistent to what I am going through and it was confirmation to what I have been asking for.

  • In greek myths they are God’s messenger
  • They fly alone (not very social)
  • They signify introspection, soul-searching, inner reflection and meditation
  • They are hunters and teach the skill of patience
  • Christian traditions see the heron as long life and good luck
  • They encourage us to flow with energy
  • Lovely and graceful

The heron is calling me to look at my social life and adjust where needed, because I tend to walk alone. In addition, it encourages me to ground myself and know my wisdom about my true self, as well as seek opportunities and swim to my ship as there is no need to wait for it to come in!

This last statement is funny because just the other day I told my son that I can hear the horn blowing! I guess I am going to get swimming! LOL

Seriously though, this message was on point for what I am experiencing and asking guidance on.

Even if it didn’t make sense, I can still look at it and trust that it doesn’t always have to make sense! Faith in what I don’t know and understanding is the key to strengthening my spirit!

The more I surrender and let go of needing to control everything and trusting that everything is working out for my highest and greatest good, the more peace I feel within my heart, mind and soul.

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