You walked on what?

Yep, I walked on fire! I also walked on broken glass. I broke a board with my hand and more.

Why? Good question!

Why in the world would anyone want to do things that we have been taught our whole lives, could hurt us or that are impossible?

For me it was to make the impossible possible; to step into my fear and to survive and live to tell the story!

Not only did I live to tell the story, I am thriving and finding so much strength in the common every day struggles.

If I can walk on fire, I can do anything. I have had this belief since I found out about fire walking years ago.

Ever since then I was committed to one day do this “crazy” and “impossible” thing . Because some women that I knew did it, then so could I!

A year ago I made a commitment to go to a leaderships training that I knew would have fire walking and board breaking as a part of the week.

I had been asked for years to attend this training by my RET trainer, who facilitates this specific leadership retreat.

For years I said no.

Last year, June 2019, I received a phone call and I was asked to come the next year in 2020. I said yes.

Now, I am a woman of my word and I do what I say I am going to do so I was in, until Covid 2019! LOL!

I was off the hook….Or was I? Nope! For some reason, it worked out and the training was able to continue. It was likely because the Universe knew that I needed to do this. It was time.

At the beginning of 2020 I set huge intentions for myself. I was ALL in, in building my business.

I quit my day job, ended a long term relationship, sold my house and even moved out of my (almost) lifelong city, 300 miles north. (same state)

I made some really big changes and was leaping into the great unknown.

Like I said in my first post, my mission is to help people while I am on the planet. Well, I am on the planet and I’m not immortal yet so I better get moving!

Move I did!! On so many levels.

Changing my environment was one step. Getting out of old dynamics that were holding me hostage to growth and change.

The next step was to do some deep inner healing and I knew this training was going to help me level up to some pretty high spaces.

The day of the fire walk had arrived. It was the second to the last day of an 8 day training. Honestly, this day was what I had prepared for, but everyday leading up to that day, were harder than stepping onto 1200 degree coals. (thats another post altogether)

The whole group helped prepare the fire.

We selected logs to burn and even stacked the boards we had broken earlier that day into a pile.

Strategic and methodical, we all went to the woodpile and stacked our logs.

Intentions were placed in the fire. Fears and old limiting beliefs were also placed into the pile to burn.

The next thing I new, our facilitator was dumping kerosene on the massive wood pile and then away it went up in flames!

A hour or so later, we visited the fire to find it was burnt down to some flaming hot coals.

A few of the group members who tended the fire were soaking wet with water and sweat.

Towels lay over their heads as the heat radiated off the massive pile.

Before I knew it a blanket of hot coals lay on the ground about 2 inches thick. It was time!

I didn’t want to go first and I didn’t want to go last. I watched a couple of people do it and not only survive but not get burned, so I approached the carpet of fire!

I took a deep breath, shielded my energy and said to myself that I was one with the fire and If thats true I would not get burned.

I stepped onto the coals and I walked to the end! It wasn’t even hot to my feet!! Someone in the group described it as walking on packing peanuts, and I have to agree.

No burns and complete exhilaration I applauded and cheered for everyone as they crossed as well! We all celebrated each other, literally stepping into a huge fear and not only surviving it, but thriving in it!

I went again…How could I not? And the interesting thing the second time was that I knew I wouldn’t get hurt, but I still had fear!

So what’s my point?

Life is hard! We are going to face fear. We are going to have stress and loss and anger and pain. AND we don’t have to let it define us!

We get to feel fear and be bigger than it! I get to choose and I choose empowerment and greatness! If I can do it, anyone can. I know you can too!

Fire walk 2020
Fire Walk 2020
Kim Fire Walk 2020

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